When to Go Bosnia and Herzegovina

The best time to visit is spring or summer; skiers should come between December and February. The weather is a mix of Mediterranean and Central European and is more or less agreeable year round, though both summer and winter extremes can sometimes be daunting. You needn’t worry about any seasonal crush of tourists just yet.

Typical to the region, Bosnia has hot summers and chilly winters. Winters average a daily high around 3°C (37°F) and snow tends to linger at higher altitudes. In summer rainfall is slightly heavier but the sunny, 26°C (79°F) July days are a treat. Hercegovina has warmer winters, and hot summers, with July and August temperatures reaching 40°C at times. Springtime (April and May) is the best time to come to get a glimpse of the country’s rich flora and fauna, though upland areas may still be under snow.

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