When to Go Netherlands

Hordes of tourists snap their way around the Netherlands in summer, but this is still the best time of year to sit picnicking by the canals. August is a great month for all sorts of events. Spring is a good time to visit for daffodils and tulips. Easter is busy in Amsterdam, but if you can visit during Koninginnedag it’s worth fighting the crowds. Early October with its Indian summer can be an excellent time to come. In winter the museums are quiet, and if everything freezes over, there’s great ice skating on the canals and flood plains.

The Netherlands has a temperate maritime climate with cool winters and mild summers. It can get pretty drizzly here, especially in autumn and spring when it can seem as though it’s going to be grey forever. But because the Netherlands is so flat, changes sweep through quickly when the wind starts to blow. Precipitation (79 cm a year) is spread rather evenly over the calendar, and spring is marked by short, violent showers. Winter can get bitingly cold.