When to Visit Macau

If you wondered when to visit Macau, the safest bet is autumn. In Macau it is autumn during October to December. During the period the temperature remains pleasantly moderate. An average of 20-25 degree centigrade offers a comfortable weather for everyone to go out and engage in activities.
You can also opt for visiting Macau during the spring also. The months from March to May are the spring season in Macau. This is also one of the best times for visiting Macau.
The climate in Macau is similar to that of the neighbor city Hong Kong. The humidity level in the air is quite high throughout the year. During the summer months, i.e: from July to September, the temperature soar high and the humidity level too. On the other side the winters are nippy. Sometimes it rains and is windy too.
Clothing in Macau depends upon the time you are planning to visit the city. Since the evenings during the autumn get cooler, you may require a light jacket to keep warm. During the spring and the summer, the preferred clothing in Macau should be light cottons. If you are planning to visit Macau during the winter months, heavy woolens and overcoats are advised.
Macau is pretty fashion conscious and often tends to be led by the trends in its glitzy neighbor Hong Kong. You would notice that most people are hip and stylish. Chic Tee Shirts and jeans are common sights. So if you are fashion conscious, Macau is the place to display your haute couture. Do not also forget to bring your bathing suits if you are looking forward to relax on the beach and engage in water activities.
A huge number of tourists visit Macau during the peak tourist seasons. Often it becomes hard to find hotel rooms. So advance booking is a good idea.

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