Whitewater Rafting in France

France with its numerous mountain ranges and mountain rivers is a popular destination for adventure water sports. Whitewater rafting in France is one of the most popular adventure sports that one can embark upon when on a vacation to this country.

France offers the perfect conditions for embarking on this adventure sports. The lofty mountains ranges with their turbulent or calm rivers offer the perfect opportunity to adventure seekers to embark on this water sport. Whether you are interested in a gentle ride on the slow moving streams or want to go for a thrilling experience on some of the most turbulent rivers, France offers all the conditions that will surely satisfy your desires and interest.

The major areas in France which are ideal for Whitewater rafting includes Verdon River, Ubaye River, Gave d’Oloron River, Vesubie Gorges, Haute Isere River, Daluis Gorges on Var, Doron De Bozel, Allier Gorges and other places. Besides these, one can also go for whitewater rafting on the gorges of the Dora Baltee River, the glaciers of the Tarantaise Valley, and the Mont Blanc Massif.

Whitewater rafting in France allow one to check out the raw and rugged beauty of the country, while braving the rapids of the rough and turbulent rivers. There are a large number of professional guide who will assist and guide you in this adventure activity. One can get rafts and canoe used in this activity. You must take all sort of necessary precautions while embarking on this daring sport. One must make sure that the life jackets are properly fitted. It is advisable that you wear light clothes when going for whitewater rafting. Helmets and eye goggles are a must.

These adventure tours usually lasts for five to six days. In these trips one gets to also camp in some of the most adventurous and exotic locations of the country.

There are a large number of companies, which takes eager tourists for whitewater rafting. Some of the major ones include Nicholas Expedition, The World Outdoors, Abercrombie and Kent, Alyson Adventures and others.

Whitewater rafting in France is a popular outdoor activity amongst the tourists, especially the adventurous ones. You can sail along the rapids of the country and have a vacation filled with adventure and excitement.

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