Wigmore’s Waterfall in Rarotonga of Cook Islands

The Wigmore’s Waterfall, Rarotonga is one of those places that offers you an off-the-beaten-track tourist destination in the region. Rarotonga is the largest island in the archipelago of Cook Islands in terms of population. If you want to enjoy a trip that will give you a break from the hackneyed tour to the palm studded white sandy beaches that fringe most of the island, take pleasure in the spectacular sight of the Wigmore’s Waterfall, Rarotonga. It is one such place that will add on to the pleasures of your tour to this exotic island of Roratonga.

The Wigmore’s Waterfall, Rarotonga is approximately five kilometers out of the main town of Avarua. Close to this falls is the Papua Waterfall, another scenic cascade in Roratonga.

This particular sight seeing destination is a must visit point for all. So take care that you do not leave it out. The experience of your trip will be a wonderful one. Reaching the Wigmore’s Waterfall, Rarotonga is also not much of a problem as there are numerous means of transportation by which you can reach it. You can avail the mode that suits you the best and reach the place with minimum hassle. The Wigmore’s Waterfall, Rarotonga brings out the scenic natural abundance of Polynesia. This would surely be an experience that you will hardly forget. Therefore you should take care that you do not leave out Wigmore’s Waterfall, Rarotonga from your itinerary of sightseeing trips in Roratonga.

The famous Wigmore’s Waterfall in Rarotonga can be seen by the adventure seekers traveling to the tramping route in Cook Islands. The popular cross island walk that connects Avatiu valley with the south side of the island passes through the Te Rua Manga, the prominent Needle shaped rock that can be seen from the air and some coastal areas. You can access the Wigmore’s Waterfall, Rarotonga by hiking trail or four-wheel vehicle. The Wigmore’s Waterfall is situated on the southern part of the island of Roratonga. Cascading from the height of 49 feet, the water spills down the cliff into a beautiful swimming hole.

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