Wildlife in Argentina

Argentina is one of the finest of natural bounties that has ever been endowed in a country. It has stunning natural wonders which are a great sight to behold. Wildlife in Argentina is one of the most beautiful of wonders that can be in the Western hemisphere. There are unforgettable journeys that one can take to the irrepressible sights and sounds of various destinations in Argentina.

You can take picturesque journeys into the heart of Argentina’s beautiful landscapes and discover a whole lot adventure and tempting flora and fauna that are hallmarks of Argentina Tours. Argentina is well known for its lush landscapes in South America. The flora gives way to high tech farmlands and often as you travel far from the madding crowd of the megalopolises, you come across breathtaking natural sights that Argentina is well known for in the South America.

Though Argentina has seen massive industrial and technological development in the twentieth century, it has some truly beautifully preserved landscapes that adorn its countryside. There are many parks in the nation that truly conserve the natural heritage of the country horses that once roamed the moors of Patagonia are now extinct.

There is little in terms of vegetation that has been altered in Argentina. The wildlife in Argentina is spectacular to say the least and there are interesting plants that can be found amidst the wilderness. In the far north there is the Quenoa plant that can be found in the valleys and the Iireta in the high altitude puna above the tree line. Birds of prey are found in plenty in the mountains and these include the Andean Condor which is the largest carrion consuming bird. It is found throughout the country.

Wildlife in Argentina also includes hordes of other flesh eating birds like buzzards, eagles, hawks, kestrels, and a host of others which include rodents too. Catch rare sights into the diverse wildlife in Argentina. These include vizcachas and chinchillas.

Vicunas are South American camelids which are superbly adapted to the high altitude of the Andes and are often sought after for their warm fur while their domesticated cousins the alpacas are herded by the native Indians in the rain forests. In the Southern Andes the wildlife in Argentina gets a little more varied and the deer are suitably replaced by the foxes and the skunks. The guanaco also makes an appearance in this part.

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