Wildlife in Bangladesh

Wildlife in Bangladesh forms a major aspect of the country. Coming here, you can find wide variety of animals and plants. The landscape of the country is highly responsible for the diverse wildlife in the country. Bangladesh is marked by its marsh lands, thick forested land and mangrove forest. These landscapes are ideally popular among the nature lovers. The Wildlife in Bangladesh comprises flora and fauna in their natural habitats. The natural environment ensures to shelter these animals and plants at its best.

Bangladesh boasts of being a shelter of about twenty two species of amphibian, seventeen species of marine reptiles, one hundred and nine species of reptile, three hundred and eighty eight species of birds, one hundred and ten species of mammals and three species of marine mammals. Here, you can find numerous colorful birds that migrate from distant lands. Around two hundred and forty species of birds visit this land every year. These colorful birds enhance the beauty of the land to a great extent. It is matter of great concern that large number of species in this country has become endangered. Large number of creatures has also disappeared completely and around two hundred and one species are the threatened one.

Some of the major Bangladesh Wildlife that has disappeared includes one horned Rhinoceros, the two-horned Rhinoceros, wild buffalo, the Ganteng, Hog deer and Swamp deer, the Gaur wolf and Marsh crocodile. These disappearances of wildlife will substantially affect the Wildlife in Bangladesh as a whole and result in environment imbalance.

Royal Bengal Tiger has always been a major attraction in this country. It is a paradise fro all the wildlife lovers. Tourists can also see a wide variety of buck and other small mammals. Here, you can find various wildlife including crocodiles, wild bears, hyenas, pythons, monkeys, spotted dears, tigers, cheetahs and others.

You can spend some wonderful moments while spotting many interesting creatures in the national parks. There are several National parks and protected areas in Bangladesh that aims to protect the wild life of the country. Here, you can find eight National Parks, seven Wildlife sanctuaries, five conservation sites and one game reserve. Some of these include Bhawal National Park, Lawachara National Park, Modhupur National Park, Nijhum Dweep National Park, Himchari National Park, Satchari National Park, Medha Kassapia National Park and Kaptai National Park. Some of the major sanctuaries include Sundarban (East) Wildlife Sanctuary, Sundarban (South) Wildlife Sanctuary, Sundarban (West) Wildlife Sanctuary, Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary and many others.
Your Bangladesh Tours will remain incomplete without savoring the wildlife in Bangladesh.

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