Wildlife in Belgium

Wildlife in Belgium is fascinating. Belgium has many wildlife reserves where one can find an excellent collection of flora, birds and insects. The Blokkerdijk Nature Reserve and Kalmthoutse Heide have reed fringed lakes. Her one can see Pochard, Gad wall and the Northern Shoveler types of ducks which are bred here and one can also see the Blue throats emerging from the vegetation and waddle along the mud like the garden Robins. There are pine woods, moorland, fens as well as fens and dunes in Wildlife in Belgium.

All these make an interesting natural history destination for the wildlife buffs. In the heartlands one can see Nightjars, woodlarks as well as lekking Black Grouse. One can also see Honey Buzzards flying over the forests and Black Woodpeckers hacking wood pieces from dead woods and Black Terns swooping over the water bodies. The place has different kinds of butterflies including the British species.

The Wildlife in Belgium has no heraldic animal and there are no specific species. In Belgium one can see cattle and pigs in plenty. Visitors looking for Wildlife in Belgium can visit the coast to visit Het Zwin. This is a national park as well as natural reserve for birds. One can see different kinds of birds and the beach has more of it.

The other Belgium Wildlife that can be found in the marshland as well forests are fox, wild boar, red deer and stag. But wolves can hardly to be seen here nowadays. To see these animals, one can go for a walk through the woods on some Sunday afternoon or on any other days for that matter. The Wildlife in Belgium at Ardennes have a rich source of butterflies along with Swallowtail, Purple Hair streak, Poplar Admiral, Pearly Heath, Chalk Hill Blue and the Weaver’s Fritillaries.

The Wildlife in Belgium definitely includes the cats and dogs which are very domestic. There is an inclination to get dog in East Belgium as there is an increase of burglary. For those of you looking for fishing, one should go to East Belgium. The place has many lakes as well as many ponds as well as rivers to catch different types of fishes. The place also has the largest trout nursery of Europe.