Wildlife in Cook Islands

Wildlife in Cook Islands includes a variety of flora and fauna. Lying north east of New Zealand, the island has birds and flowers engulfing the entire island. There are forests that house various species of birds. The government is careful in preserving the rare species of Wildlife in Cook Islands. There are conservatories and also reserved sections where these animals can move about without any fear. Killing of certain birds is a punishable offence in Cook Islands.

Wildlife in Cook Islands includes six rare species of birds. Kakerori is one of the most rare bird species that are usually found in the forest deeps of Rarotonga Island. It is also found in the low forest areas of Atiu. If you go to Rarotonga, there are guides who would take you for nature walks. The birds are difficult to spot in Rarotonga than in Atiu. It is a territorial bird of inquisitive nature. There are also Kopeka, a rare type of swiftlet. Besides, the island of Takutea, which is the location for a wildlife sanctuary and is the breeding ground for a plethora of red-footed boobies and red-tailed tropic birds, noddies, terns and frigate birds is also a frequented by the travelers. Cook island sis also the breeding ground for rare species of sea birds like Suwarrows and Palmerstons.

The island is also fringed with a lot of beautiful flowers and there are well pruned gardens where they are taken care of. The island hosts the Tiare Flower Festival in Nov-Dec and it is the ideal place to gaze at the numerous kinds of flora that the island has. The Maire Nui Botanical Gardens is situated on the southern coast of the Rarotonga. It houses many local flowers and plants. The best known is the Noni Plant that has many medicinal values. Noni Juice is cultivated in Rarotonga. If you are partaking in Pa’s Nature walk you would get to see many of the medicinal plants too.

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