Wildlife in Dominican Republic

Wildlife in Dominican Republic is rich and varied. You can view a wide variety of plants, animals, marine life as well as birds on your Dominican Republic Travel. The best place to view the Wildlife in Dominican Republic is to visit its national parks and the protected areas of the wildlife reserves.
Wildlife in Dominican Republic include the species of reptiles and the amphibians which are found in very less number in the country of Dominican Republic. Among the reptiles you will find Rhinoceros iguana which are prevalent on the Enriquillo Basin. You will find four different varieties of turtles like leatherback, loggerhead, hawksbill and the green sea turtle which are found on the sea coast of Dominican republic. You will find American crocodiles in the waters of the Lago Enriquillo too. These are some of the must-see attractions on your Dominican Republic Tours.
Among the rich treasure of marine life, you will find innumerable species of coral reefs on the the sea bordering the Dominican Republic. The Wildlife in Dominican Republic also include its rich vegetation comprising palm trees, coconut trees, Hispaniolan Mahagony, West Indian cedar, wild olive, American Muskwood, among others. Besides you will also find red, white and button mangroves lining the coastal regions of the country.
Dominican Republic Wildlife comprise a wide variety of birds including a number of rare species. The country of Dominican Republic is a paradise for the birdwatchers. People from all places of the world come to see its rich and wide variety of the species of the birds which include species of birds like great egrets, American frigate birds, brown pelicans, blue herons, glissy ibis, riddy ducks and flamingoes. Antillean Siskin, white necked crow, Green tailed warbler, and a large number of butterfly and humming birds are also common in the country. Travel in Dominican Republic is incomplete without viewing these birds.
Among the mammals which comprise the Wildlife in Dominican Republic, you can see Solenoden, Hitia among others. Whale, the marine mammal can also be seen on the shores including the largest among the species like Humpback whales. You can watch for them on your Dominican Republic Sightseeing.

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