Wildlife in Egypt

Wildlife in Egypt is one of the greatest treasures that the country can boast of. The great variety of flora and fauna in Egypt gives you ample opportunities to add some special moments in your Egypt tours. If you are thinking to make a list of Things to do in Egypt, do not miss to include a visit to the rivers and sanctuaries to explore the wide variety of Wildlife in Egypt.

The most prominent animal of the vast Wildlife in Egypt is the giant crocodiles of Nile. They are mostly seen behind the Aswan Dam. Comprising an important part of the Wildlife in Egypt, adult crocodiles can reach length of over 10 feet and can weigh up to 1500 pounds. The ears and eyes of these crocodiles of Nile close when they dive. These animals prefer living in groups.If you come to the variety of Wildlife in Egypt on the land, the most notable animal is certainly the camel. There are two types of camels. The true camel has two humps, while the dromedary has only one hump. Camels are an important constituent of the Wildlife in Egypt and the modes of transportation in Egypt. The other member of Wildlife in Egypt in the deserts is the sand cat. These animals are not much bigger than domestic cats.

Among the dangerous appendage to Wildlife in Egypt is the Saw-Scaled Viper. It makes noise like the rattle snakes. The Sand Boa is one of the useful reptiles in the Wildlife in Egypt. At times it proves quite deadly to the rodent population. The Sand Boa is one of those animals who are protected. The venomous Palestinian Yellow Scorpion have the potential to kill, but they are very less in number. The Dugong is also known as sea cow. Interestingly, it is one of only two vegetarian sea-going mammals, the other being the Manatee. Hunting of this precious and rare-sighted member of Wildlife in Egypt is forbidden.