Wildlife in Falkland Islands

Through its comfortable location anchored in the South Atlantic Ocean, the wildlife has adopted the Falkland Islands as their sanctuary and home, transforming this remote archipelago into one of the world’s most prestigious wildlife destinations ever encountered or experienced by man.
The Falkland Islands are an emblem for nature, a destination that offers sanctuary from the uncertainty of the changing world, to wildlife that defies logic and circumnavigates the globe or swims across oceans to reach this paradise of nature. To them, this is home and where they can be perfectly natural.
Here wildlife comes close to you, stops and takes a glance, before waddling past in total disregard to your presence. There is something special about that feeling. A one-to-one engagement with wildlife and it is something we are not prepared for. There is a kind of therapy in just sitting silent, moving slowly, very slowly, and letting the pace of the moment be your guiding light as you sit mesmerised by what you see before you. These close encounters seem to caress the heart and release a warm tingling inside.
Image only in the Falkland Islands, can you experience first-hand the marvels of wildlife and watch it in its natural surroundings. Here there are no enclosures, just an open sky, an endless sea and an unpolluted environment. From a cliff top or a sandy beach, you can watch whales and dolphins close to the shore, riding the surf, breaching the water, phosphorescent rainbows sparkling in the sun from the broken waves.
Image here in the Falkland Islands we let nature do the talking, the presence of the wildlife vindicates the quality of our environment while their comfortable companionship enriches our world. We understand what a privilege it is to walk with wildlife and to share special moments with nature and know that one encounter is not enough.

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