Wildlife in Ireland

Though Ireland separated from the European mainland after the last Ice Age, the floral and faunal assemblage found in this country is as rich and varied as that found anywhere else in Europe. However, Wildlife in Ireland boasts of a rich and colorful avifauna population that includes around 380 species of wild birds, of which 135 are indigenous to the country.

A number of migratory birds come to Ireland in spring and autumn. In winters, migratory birds from as far as Greenland and Iceland come to the country and make up for 75 per cent of the world’s population of the Greenland white fronted goose during this time of the year.

Wildlife in Ireland: Bird Species found in the Country

You can find large colonies of swans, geese, waders, duck, tern and gulls in the inland water bodies of Ireland. In order to protect these species, game shooting is strictly controlled in the country and State-assisted restocking programmes have been undertaken to augment stocks of wild game birds. These wild game birds include some unusual species of bird such as merlin, peregrine falcons, corncrake and chough. You can also spot birds like Cormorant, Mute Swan, Great-crested Grebe Corncrake, Water Rail, Moorhen, Coot, Linnet and Redpoll in Ireland.

Wildlife in Ireland: Animal Species
There are 31 species of mammals found in Ireland. These include red deer, fox, badger, red squirrel, otter, grey seals, common seals, Irish Stoat, Irish Hare and many cetacean species. Other animals found in Ireland include Common Newt, Grey Squirrel, Long-tailed field mouse, Leisler’s bat, Lesser-horseshoe bat, Natterer’s bat, Pipistrelle bat and Viviparous lizard.

Wildlife in Ireland: Nature and Wildlife Parks
The National Parks and Wildlife Service in Ireland has been entrusted with the responsibility for natural conservation and development and management of national parks and nature reserves in the country. Some popular national parks and forest parks in Ireland are given below:Finvoy Fun Farm, Doneraile Wildlife Park, Fenit Seaworld, Fota Wildlife Park,
Doneraile Wildlife Park, Castle Espie Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre , Ulster Wildlife Centre, Castle Espie Wildfowl Centre, Delamont Country Park