Wildlife in Malaysia

Malaysia forms an incredible tourist hub. Every year a considerable rate of tourist visit this place in order to enjoy sightseeing, shopping and a variety of water sports. Malaysia is home to an exotic range of wild animals and birds. Wildlife in Malaysia is thus another major reason for the region’s popularity as a tourist destination. There are several conservatories, natural parks and lush green forest areas where you will get to observe the interesting Wildlife in Malaysia.

Malaysia harbors various species of rare and amazing animals. Some of them are Mlaysian tiger, monitor lizard, clouded leopard, Sumatran rhinoceros, Orang Utan and Sun Bear. The wooded regions in Malaysia feature natural caves too where exist few of the rare animals. Pulau Langkawi and Pulau Tioman are the places where you can be in order to catch remarkable glimpses of wild animals and birds.

The coastal areas in Malaysia and the marshlands are the places where you can spot some of the popular Malaysian Wildlife. These include elephants, tigers, gaur, tapir, bearded pigs and hornbills. The eastern part of Malaysia homes to such wildlife including monkeys, orangutans, and Bulwer’s pheasants.

The natural parks and reserves provide the tourists with opportunities to explore the varied flora and fauna of the region. Along with the Wildlife in Malaysia, a wide range of wild plants and flowers are preserved too. Visitors will certainly notice how the ecological balance has been maintained in such areas. The Wild Conservation Society has made thorough research on the endangered species and takes every step to preserve them.

Tourists can try out the several safaris which will introduce them to the fabulous Malaysia Wildlife. The Sandakan Wildlife Safari gives the scope to catch glimpses of the hornbills and gibbons. They can also get to watch the green turtles on the beach. A thrilling night safari will lead them to the world of the nocturnal animals and birds.

The Kinabatangan Wildlife sanctuary harbors such species as deer, bearded pigs, elephants, monkey, gibbons, slow loris, mousedeer, otter and Sumantran rhinoceros. Wildlife in Malaysia also features the array of bird life includes broadbill, pitta, egret, herons, parakeet, babbler, roller, barbet, osprey, falcon, swallow, forktail, spiderhunter, drongo, flycatcher,
nightjar and oriole.

Apart from the wildlife in the natural reserves and forests, tourists can also go mountain climbing, bird watching, camping, exploring the caves, and even swimming in the river waters. Jungle walking and short river trips can be enjoyed widely. Including all such activities in your Malaysia Tours will surely lend an extra fervor to your trip.