Wildlife in Morocco

During your trip to Morocco, you can see various attractive places of sightseeing. Travelers can also enjoy Wildlife in Morocco by traveling around various zoos and sanctuaries. Morocco is rich and exotic when it comes to wildlife. The Wildlife in Morocco is as exotic and diverse as in the other parts of Africa.
If you want to spend your time experiencing the Wildlife in Morocco, then you can take a trip to a number of forest reserves and national parks.

Morocco has several of them. You can visit Bokkoyas to experience the wildlife of the country. Merdja Zerga, which is recently known as the Moulay Bousselham Lagoon, is a biological reserve boasting several species of flora and fauna. Travelers can also take a tour to Sous-Massa and Toubkal. You can listen carefully and you will get to hear the tweeting and screeching of more than 200 uncommon avian species nesting here. The avian species includes flamingos, woodpeckers, spoonbills, waders, storks and eleven scarce species.

Morocco is the home of leopards, golden jackal, Egyptian cobras, red foxes and approximately 18 endangered kinds. Wildlife in Morocco would be incomplete if we do not mention about the fauna. Ostriches, Divers, Grebes, Albatrosses, Shearwaters and Petrels, Storm petrels, Gannets and Boobies, Cormorants, Darters, Pelicans and Storks can be seen in this place.

Cedar Forest Wildlife is another must-visit place for knowing about the Wildlife in Morocco. This forest reserves of Morocco is toured by all the wildlife enthusiasts. This forest is famous for shy Barbary apes. The wooded territories of the High Atlas district of Morocco also add special charm to the unique Morocco wildlife. You can see squirrels, praying mantis and elephants in this place. Wide range of Moroccan copper and desert orange tip butterflies are also found there.

Morocco wildlife is colorful, lively and energetic. The avi-fauna of Morocco is also a part of Wildlife in Morocco that includes a total of 454 species. Five species of them have been introduced by humans and 156 are uncommon. You can get familiar with these animals and birds at the dens like Cascades d’Ouzoud in Morocco.