Wildlife in Netherlands

Tourists from different parts of the world come to watch variety of Wildlife in Netherlands. There is a wide range of mammals, birds, fish, molluscs, butterflies, dragonflies, bees, pond damselflies, mayflies, grasshoppers and crickets that constitute the Wildlife in Netherlands. Foreign tourists come to Netherlands to explore its wonderful sightseeing places, but they are also attracted by the diversity of Wildlife in Netherlands.

One of the unique members of the Wildlife in Netherlands is the Konik horses that are found in the Kemeri National Park. Here, the horses play an essential ecological role in the natural eco-system that their extinct wild ancestors once played.
Due to the presence of the large herbivores, like Konik horses, Auroxen and Bison, the Lake Pape Nature Park has developed into one of the major tourist attractions of south east Latvia.

Amsterdam is a popular stop over for migrating birds. Foreign tourists and nature lovers from various corners of the world come to Amsterdam to enjoy bird watching. The city of Amsterdam is home to a bewildering array of wildlife. Some 34 types of mammals, 60 types of fish and 140 species of birds can be found in Amsterdam.

The waterways, parks and gardens of Amsterdam are teeming with bird life. Here you can find wonderful pigeon, the shy jay, the rascally heron and the twittering starling, thrush and crow, tit, gull, goose, coot, duck, moorhen and grebe.


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