Wildlife in Norway

Wildlife in Norway consists primarily of a few particular species. There are many such species that are on the verge of extinction but special care is being taken care so that they do not die out totally. The wildlife in Norway can be seen by the tourists if they venture to the wildlife sanctuaries that are there in the country. Do not miss these very exciting journeys.

The main species of wildlife in Norway that are found are the-

Wolf- the population has been reduces greatly but has grown due to the protection work that has been going of for the last few years. The latest count says that there are merely three families of wolves alive. These wolves pose a threat to sheep farmers and they want this nuisance to be completely eradicated. The Norwegian Government is also planning to provide hunting licenses for these wolves.

Bears- the bear specie to be found in Norway is the brown one though it is not very common now. This bear is taken to be a slayer but actually it does harm neither man nor livestock.

Lynx- in Norwegian it is known as the gaupe. This is also greatly feared though it is seldom seen and in spite of this fact it is a killer of livestock.

Wolverine- Wildlife in Norway would be incomplete without the mention of the wolverine or the jerv as it is known in the Norwegian language. The wolverines in Norway are also considered to be a serious threat to livestock.


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