Wildlife in Poland

Wildlife in Poland is varied and plenty. It is particularly found in the jungle and marshy areas of the region. However, the best place to spot the Wildlife in Poland is the reserve forests and national parks of the country.

Wildlife in Poland is typical to Europe. However, the country also boasts animals which are either unique or extremely rare elsewhere. These include European bison, the tarpan wild horse, bear, chamois, lynx, wildcat, wolf, elk, boar and deer.

About 28% of Poland’s territory is made up of forests. Of all the trees in the forest, 80% are either spruce or pine. Despite this the northeast region abounds in scarce species as dwarf birch and Lapp willow, both of which is unique to Europe.

European bison or zubr can be found in the Bialowieza National Park, Europe’s largest forest, on the border of Belarus. The bison is Europe’s largest mammal and males can stand over up to 6 feet tall, can be longer than 9 feet and can weigh over 2,000 lbs.

While wolves and brown bear are found in the mountains, elk and deer are pretty common by the lakeside. Heathcock, grouse and black stork dwell in the farmlands, lake marshes and forests in the north. Lakes, rivers and streams provide habitat to ample fish.

There is many white stork’s nest in Poland than in any other country of the world. Their nests can be seen on the rooftops, towers, chimneys, telephone poles, trees and in the specially constructed nest towers. Wild Boar can be found all over the country. Most of them live in the many forests. Some even make their home in cities and can be spotted in groups crossing the suburbs. The White Tailed Eagle is the largest bird of prey of the country. Grown up birds have a wingspan up to 8 feet, and a sitting height of between 28 and 36 inches. They can weigh up to 15 lbs. This bird is an active predator. It mostly feeds on fish, mammals and water birds and also on carrion.

It can be found in several places in Poland including the Warta National Park. Other birds of prey in Poland include the Greater Spotted Eagle, European Honey-buzzards, Eurasian Hobby, Western Marsh-harrier, and the Montagu’s.