Wildlife in Portugal

The Wildlife in Portugal beckons the tourists to this fascinating country. The country of Portugal is situated in the south western part of Europe and it portrays splendid natural beauty. The flora and fauna which is found over there is of significant variety and Wildlife in Portugal stands out as one of the best features of Portugal Tours.

The Wildlife in Portugal indicates a blend of the European and the North African types. There are many professional agencies which are found in the country who conduct different kinds of wild life tours. The Wildlife in Portugal comprises of different kinds of species. The country sides of Portugal are full of deers, wild goats and pigs. The wolf is found in the northeastern part and the lynx can be located in the Malcata Mountains. The Azore region of Portugal also abounds with wildlife and some of the smaller mammals in the form of weasel ferret and rabbits can be seen over there.

The Wildlife in Portugal is also threatened by hunting and poaching which takes place in one third of the country. The various bird species of Portugal which comes in the form of red partridge, quail and wood cock are the target of poaching and threatened by the hunters. The Madeira region of the country is another prominent place where Wildlife in Portugal is found and the Mediterranean monk seal is one of the primitive animals which inhabit the place. The region is also a major hub of bird’s species and around 40 of then can be found here. The two important bird species which can be seen by the nature lovers in this place are the Zinos Petrel and the Madeira laurel pigeon. There are also 100 moth species which can be found in this region along with 700 species of beetles.

Wildlife in Portugal is also found in the mainland where the Atlantic waters are the home of many species of fishes. The European sardine is one of the important fishes of this place along with the tunny bonato.