Wildlife in Samoa

The Wildlife in Samoa is varied as this country is placed on the western region of the Samoan Islands archipelago which is placed conveniently in the South Pacific Ocean. The travelers who come here make it a point have a look at the wide variety of Wildlife in Samoa as there is so much to see and learn. Samoa is basically a young volcanic island where you can still see the Extinct volcanic peaks of Upolu island while those which you will find on Savaii are still growing as he last eruption was in he year 1911. You can explore a lot in Samoa with over 300 volcanoes, marine ecosystems, rain-forests and mangrove forests.
Samoa is famous all around the world for its wide variety of birds which comprises 11 endemic species. You can get to see as many as 50 species of birds and they include sea-birds most of them come here during he breeding season and 34 species of land birds. You will get to see doves, pigeons, parrots and wild ducks among the land birds. One of the major crowd-puller is the tooth-billed pigeon which has a lot of significance in the field of science. Some of the ornithologists opine that this bird is the connecting link between the tooth-billed birds of zoological antiquity and bird life of the present. There is another bird which deserves special mention and it is the Manuma which is very colorful and each of them is sure to catch your attention as they fly past you.
The lush green vegetation of Samoa include mangrove forests, pandanus, hibiscus, Barringtonia and strand vegetation which are found throughout the Pacific region. The lowland forest which stretched originally over the slopes of the mountains and has to be cut down extensively in Uplu and in limited areas in Savai’i. The rain-forests are found on the higher altitudes and comprise of lianas and trees of different general and species. You will also get to see mountain scrub and moss forests in Savi’i. You are going to have a wonderful time while enjoying the nature of Samoa.

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