Wildlife in Scotland

Wildlife in Scotland includes diverse land animals, water creatures and assorted species of birds. Scotland is the home to exotic animals and the best season to experience wildlife is in the months of autumn. The countryside comes alive with different animals filling the nature’s picture. This is the ideal time to watch the best of wildlife in Scotland. Scotland, a gift to animal lovers will love the rich treasures of wildlife. The country is divided into different areas, which are associated with different varieties of species. Given below are the special wildlife regions in Scotland.
Shetland: Shetland group comprises of more than 100 islands. Travelers can see different variety of animals here.
Orkney: Here, one can watch the vast collection of wildlife. Varieties of birds in the natural surroundings are specialty of this archipelago.
The Outer Hebrides: This isolated region of Scotland has a wide range of fascinating species in their natural habitat. The natural environment of this region has global importance.
Scottish Highlands and Skye: The region is isolated and wildest part in the country. One can see wonderful animals and different species of birds. There are rarest animals in this region. Glenmore Forest Park and Aviemore areas have widespread networks of nature trails.
Aberdeen & Grampian Highlands: This fertile lowland lies on the North Sea Shore has rivers with ample fishes. The moors and mountains of this region have enormous variety of wildlife.
Angus and Dundee: Tourists will get ample opportunity to watch birds and watching the meandering brooks. Perthshire – The woods of this region of Scotland like Killiecrankie, Blair Atholl and Dunkeld have tall trees with many species of wildlife. The notable Black Wood of Rannoch is surely worth a visit.
Kingdom of Fife: This region has rich array of coastal surroundings with plenty of species. This region offers attractive landscapes and has beautiful species of birds and islands full of seals. West Highlands & Islands, Loch Lomond, Stirling & Trossachs: The nature trails are perfect for walking and enjoying the variety of flowers, tress, mosses and birds.
Edinburgh and Lothians: The outer part of the city has rich boundary line of greenery with abundant animal life.
Greater Glasgow and Clyde Valley: The largest city of the country, Glasgow also has varieties of wildlife species.
Ayrshire & Arran: Located in southwestern part of Scotland, visitors can find the best natural scenery and habitats. The region of Ayrshire and Arran offers a wide array to wildlife lovers.
Scottish Borders: The River Tweed is home to the Atlantic salmon and water crowfoot.
Dumfries and Galloway: In this region, visitors can see the migrant wading birds and wildfowl, mostly in the autumn period.