Wildlife in Taiwan Explore the Exotic

The 6 national parks in Taiwan are: Kenting National Park , Shei-Pa National Park, Kinmen National Park , Yangmingshan National Park ,Yushan National Park ,Taroko National Park.

Explore the exotic Wildlife in Taiwan by visiting the national parks in Taiwan. Get to know more about Wildlife in Taiwan through Taiwan Travel Guide.

National Parks in Taiwan
Taiwan houses 6 national parks and 8 wildlife refuges. Besides there are 42 nature and forest reserves in Taiwan. The island country of Taiwan has three climatic zones and diverse topographical features which sustain a wide array of exotic flora and fauna. The island is home to 60 species of mammals, 90 various species of reptiles, 500 species of birds, 30 amphibian species, 400 species of butterflies and 150 species of freshwater fishes.

Some of the animals found in Taiwan are monkeys, panthers, wild boars, deers, wild cats and bears. The alpine grasslands of Taiwan are home to birds like the Taiwan laughing thrush, alpine accentor, wren and the vinaceous rosefinch. The subalpine coniferous forests are haven to forest birds like Mikado pheasant, Taiwan sibia, Swinhoe’s pheasant and kites. You will find black bulbul, Muller’s barbet, maroon oriole, black-naped blue monarch in the suptropical broad leaved forests of the island.

Kenting National Park, Taiwan – Kenting National Park is situated in Hengchun in Pingtung County in Taiwan. It is tucked on a bay, close to Kenting. It is located at a short distance from the southernmost tip of Taiwan. The park is landscaped by coral reefs. It houses the Eluanbi lighthouse. The park comprises land area of 181 square kilometers. The park includes 152 square kilometers of sea. The National Park is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Luzon Strait and the Taiwan Strait.

Kenting Park is home to many wild animals, marine animals and birds.
Shei-Pa National Park, Taiwan – Shei-Pa National Park is situated in the central region of the island of Taiwan. The park covers an area of 768.5 square kilometers. The landscape of the park is marked by river valleys and creek valleys. The park is home to rare animals and plants.

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