Wildlife in Thailand

Thailand wildlife tours are much loved by the wildlife enthusiast and the reason is not hard to guess if you can know about the amazing variety of wildlife found here. For records there are 282 species of mammals in Thailand, 92 are bats,insects form 90% of all the animals and there are 30 species of sea snakes.

The figures don’t end here only there are 4 species of sea turtles here, over 1,300 types of orchids, 1,900 species of fishes ,1,200 species of butterflies and approximately 200 species of hawk moths in Thailand. You would find 405 species of reptiles and amphibians here and there are 10,000 kinds of beetles in one national park alone. The list is endless and it is up to you to explore more unique facets in wildlife in Thailand. This is the reason why the Thailand wildlife tours are such a craze with the tourists arriving here.

Thailand has about 3% of the 1500 sq km mangrove forest as protected area. time telling some species apart. On your Thailand wildlife tours you will find 13 13 primates, 3 apes (all gibbons), 9 monkeys (langurs and macaques) as well as the Slow Loris. The favorite destinations for wildlife tours in Thailand is Khao Sok National Park ,where you get astounding varieties of wild animals. If you want to explore the under sea creatures then go to Tarutao National Park. Here there are 51 islands in this park where you can indulge in exciting snorkeling as well.

Then another destination for Thailand wildlife tours is Khao Yai National Park, which is 2 hours drive northeast of Bangkok as well as the Erawan National Park with a distinct rugged terrain . here you will find tiger, elephant, gaur etc . Lot of other options like Bangkok Jungle Adventure and Chaing Mai Wild Life Adventure is also there for you to enjoy in Thailand wildlife.


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