Wildlife in Turkey

Wildlife in Turkey is fascinating and any nature lover will be pleased to see the diversity in flora and fauna of Turkey. If you begin your journey from the southern portion of Turkey if you will be able to witness some of the finest birds here. An avid bird watcher will have no dearth of subjects as southern Turkey is known as the home to many local and migratory birds that fly thousands of miles to make a temporary home in the warm Mediterranean weather. The whole atmosphere is conducive for the birds to make their homes here. Wildlife in Turkey is a revelation for a first timer and you will be surprised with the variety in nature.
Turkey wildlife is as diverse as the country itself and one can see a number of birds like the storks and the raptors who make temporary homes in Turkey. The long coastline in Turkey is full of birds during spring as most of the birds stop here for breeding. Migratory birds from various regions especially Europe, Asia and Africa visit the wonderful country during winter. Turkey tours will be incomplete without the bird watching sessions and even the amateurs will simply love this activity. Wetlands in Turkey are known for their biodiversity and some of the rare species of birds in this area include wild ducks, teal, geese, tern and herons.
If you are keen to know about wildlife in Turkey then you can start your journey from the wetlands which is home to many rare and endangered species of birds like slender billed curlew, Dalmatian Pelican and the Pygmy cormorant. In the southeastern portion of Turkey one can find the bald ibis which is an integral part of wildlife in Turkey. The adventure tours in Turkey comprise a visit to the conservation areas which are famous as breeding grounds of some of the endangered species. Although wildlife preservation in Turkey is still very much in a nascent stage yet the growing awareness among the people has resulted in saving the caretta caretta turtle from extinction.
The holidayer can also be part of the wildlife tours in Turkey and they can watch the tigers, birds and the mammals at close quarters. Wildlife tours are organized and the holidayer will enjoy these adventure trips.