Wildlife in USA

The country of USA is rich in wild life. There are some of the dense jungles which are rich reserves of wild life in USA. The governments takes great care in protecting the rich and varied Wildlife in USA.The country of USA abounds in different wide life ranging from black & grizzly bear, mountain Lions, timber & Arctic Wolves, Elk & Big Horn Sheep, American Buffalo among others. These animals are very rare and can be found in USA only. There are many endangered species also which have been preserved by the government with great care.
There are numerous wild life parks in USA where you can enjoy straight drives through and see the numerous species of wild life roaming in free nature. The zoos in USA take great care in preserving these animals. USA Wildlife comprises of many native birds too. Flamingo among them is the most uncommon and beautiful of the birds. The country is paradise for the bird watchers as it is the home to several species of a myriad of colorful birds. The Wildlife Conservation Society of USA has undertaken different projects to save wild life from disaster. The society saves wildlife through managing wild lands scientifically, by following the rules of international conservation, by imparting wildlife education, and by managing world’s largest system of urban wildlife parks. These activities of the society have been able to change the attitude of the people in the society and be concerned about the damaging effect of wild life in USA.

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