Wildlife in Vanuatu

Some fascinating wildlife including the endemic Vanuatu Megapode (Namalao), dugongs and turtles. The Vanuatu megapode Megapodius layardi is considered as Vulnerable, according to the IUCN red list category, because it is thought to have a small population that is likely to decline. The bird is extremely wary. It may often be heard, usually early and late in the day, but it is difficult to observe. Megapodes use external heat sources to incubate their eggs. Locals harvest them throughout the year except for the newly introduced 4 month taboo season.

The birds are small, black with naked red faces. Their call is a wail followed by a series of chuckles lasting 4-5 seconds.

The North coast of Ambrym also offers good snorkeling opportunities to view dugongs, large sea turtles and a myriad of brilliant coloured fish.
Dugongs inhabit the warm tropical waters and are considered vulnerable to extinction. They feed almost exclusively on sea grass. North Ambrym has a beautiful natural spring where turtles and dugongs often frequent.

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