Wildlife in Vietnam

Wildlife in Vietnam is wonderful and the base of attraction for all. Vietnam is the easternmost country situated on the Indochina Peninsula of Southeast Asia. Vietnam is surrounded by Laos to the northwest, China to the north, and Cambodia to the southwest. At the east coast of the country, Vietnam lays in the South China Sea with a population of more than 87 million. Since, Vietnam has a hot and humid climate, common mammals are available in this country. So, make Wildlife in Vietnam a part of your Vietnam Tours.
As you take a trip to Wildlife in Vietnam, you can see that this country is home to species like bears, elephants, tigers and leopards. You can also see some smaller animals such as squirrels, monkeys and otters. Wildlife in Vietnam would be incomplete without mentioning the reptiles. Each kind of reptiles like snakes, crocodiles and lizards are available at the country of Vietnam.
These various kinds of species usually dwell in the forest. Forests of Vietnam are generally dense and are home to the mammal species. Vietnam boasts of extensive range of evergreens including rain forests. Though, deforestation usually takes place, but it is not as often as in other countries of Southeast Asia.
Wildlife in Vietnam includes various kinds of flora and fauna. Other than that you can see the indigenous animals of Vietnam. Agile Gibbon, Scylla paramamosain, Asian Elephant, Banteng, Triceratolepidophis, Bengal monitor, Blood python and Deinagkistrodon are the most renowned species of Vietnam. You can also see False gharial, Giant Muntjac and Green sea turtle widely in the Vietnam country. Hatinh Langur, Hawksbill turtle, Hog Badger, Indian Muntjac, Vietnamese Javan Rhinoceros, Indochinese Tiger, Javan Rhinoceros and Kouprey are also worth mentioning while discussing about the Wildlife in Vietnam.
Some other native species are Lar Gibbon, Leatherback Sea Turtle, Leopard Cat, Lesser False Vampire Bat, Manouria emys, Marbled Cat, Mauremys annamensis, Ovophis monticola, Pelochelys cantorii, Pot-bellied pig, Truong Son Muntjac, Protobothrops jerdonii, Protobothrops mucrosquamatus, Water monitor, Rafetus swinhoei, Red-shanked Douc, Reticulated Python, Rice-field rat and Saltwater Crocodile.
The bird species are also the part of Wildlife in Vietnam. The avifauna of Vietnam features 848 species. 13 among then are common and 3 of them are introduced by humans. Other than the indigenous avian species, you can also see some migratory birds in this country, which come to Vietnam in every season.

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