Wine Tasting in Greece

The tradition of wine-making is a long and rich one in Greece, as is the case with all countries washed by the Mediterranean. Wine is associated not only with the nutritional habits of Greeks, but also with religious and popular traditions connected with its cultural heritage. For a successful wine tasting it is necessary to follow certain steps of concrete and specific technique for the examination of the face, of the aromas and flavor characteristics of the wine, so the entire process is based on three main points: the visual, olfactory and taste test. Discover the secrets of wine making in Santorini, an island known for its fine wines, unique soil and sunshine. Santorini Wine Tour offers wine and food experiences on one of the most distinctive and striking terroirs in the world, created by tremendous volcanic eruptions.

The Wine Routes are a special form of agri tourism aimed at maintaining and promoting this heritage. There are selected routes for travellers to follow, which pass through the most picturesque viticulture areas and wineries. Visitors are welcome to taste local wines accompanied by traditional appetizers and titbits, and to explore the traditional villages, archaeological sites, museums, etc. This recently developed form of tourism shows consideration for the natural environment and offers visitors the opportunity to learn about each destination through the local wine-making and viticulture traditions. There are restaurants, tavernas, ouzo eateries and hotels along the way which offer traditional high standard hospitality and provide visitors with a better insight into the land and culture of Greece. It offers a special experience in nature to those who wish to learn about the local methods of grapevine cultivation and rural life. Visitors can capture the flavour of life in the Greek countryside by staying in small traditional guest houses and by learning about the viticulture methods and the local fermentation procedures for making wine.

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