Winter months are pleasant in Madagascar for travel

The west and southwest get searingly hot during the summer (November to March), which can make moving around a struggle, particularly if you’re traveling by taxi-brousse (bush taxi). By contrast, the winter months in these regions are pleasant, with blue skies, cooler temperatures and essentially no rain. In the east and northeast be prepared for rain and overcast skies at any time, although rain showers don’t usually last long during the winter months. Between July and September the sea is too dangerous to travel by cargo boat.

Hotels and popular tourist attractions often get full, and prices go up, during the European holiday period from July to August, at Christmas and over Easter. The period between June and October is vanilla season on the east coast, so flights are often full long in advance. Avoid January to March, when heavy rainfall in many areas of the country makes many roads muddy and impassable, limits outdoor activities and the risk of cyclones (particularly in the east and northeast of the country) is high.