Women’s Club Starts at the IATP Access Site in Navoi, Uzbekistan

Peace Corps Volunteer Shari Van Ness and local women launched a women’s club at the IATP access site in Navoi, Uzbekistan. Shari wished to unite female high school students in order to discuss gender issues, reproductive health, trafficking, violence against women, and the rights of children and women in Uzbekistan. Navoi has the highest rate of suicide among women in a country traditionally known for its harsh treatment of women. Interestingly, club members decided to hold discussions in English as much as possible to enhance their language skills. They chose the IATP access site for their meetings, because they plan to research discussion topics on the Internet before, during, and after the meetings, and to use e-mail to communicate with other women groups, such as the World Women’s Network .The women’s club is the first of its kind and destined to help the women of Navoi.