World Heritage Sites in Greece

Greece has a rich historical background and has quite a number of historical sites. Many of these sites have been granted the status of world heritage sites. Your world heritage site tours in Greece will take you to various historical sites and other prominent attractions which has become increasingly popular among the swarming travelers who come to spend their long awaited vacation in Greece.

There are quite a number of heritage sites in Greece. The prominent ones are listed below-

Mount Athos- This historic site is located to the eastern side of Acte Peninsula. This mountain site was previously occupied by the Greek monastic communities since 9th century AD. This mountain is considered as one of the holy places and was declared as a theocratic republic in the year 1927.

Medieval City of Rhodes- This ancient city was enlisted in the world heritage site and is one of the popular tourist attractions among the swarming travelers who come to spend their holidays in this Island. The Island of Rhodes is also known as the Seven Wonders of the World. This city was erected by Charles who was one of the greatest sculptors in ancient Greece. Centuries ago there was a 120 foot high bronze statute of Sun God which was destroyed by an earthquake some 56 years after its completion.

Archaeological site of Olympia- This was another prominent attraction and is one of the prominent world heritage sites dedicated to Olympian Zeus. Olympic Games were first initiated in 776 BC in Olympia and were held every four years for more than a millennium.

Archaeological site of Vergina- This world heritage site was previously known as the Aigaes and was founded by king Perdikas in the 7th century BC. It was initially the capital of Macedonia. Later the capital was shifted to Pella. This is one of the major attractions which has become widely popular over the years.