Wrestling in Turkey

Wrestling in Turkey

Edirne, Turkey – 1 June 2006 to 30 June 2006

Every year at the large stadium at the town of Edirne, on the Greek/Turkish border, a centuries-old tradition takes place.

Yagli Gures, or oil-coated wrestling, has been taking place in the town since the 16th century and the event draws over 1,000 participants to wrestle against each other in a sudden-death competition.

While the matches were originally devised as a way to train troops, the event has become a national pastime and draws in many spectators every year, from the avid wrestling fan to the curious traveller.

The event has become far more than a simple matter of combat, however, because over the years it has become a festival which attracts gypsies from across the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

This means that a colourful and diverse fair arrives in the town for the event, providing visitors with far more to enjoy than simply the wrestling.

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