Wroclaw is the fourth biggest city in Poland of the historical region of Lower Silesia in south-western Poland, situated at the foot of the Sudety Mountains upon Oder river. It is an exceptional city of 12 islands and 112 bridges.


Wroclaws complex and dramatic history is embedded in the city walls. In Ostrow Tumski, where one of the most beautiful sacral architecture buildings in Europe has been preserved.

Wroclaw Town hall is considered one of the most splendid Gothic buildings in central Europe.

You can also see the biggest baroque interior in Poland, which has remained until today – the Leopoldine Hall, located in the 17th century University building. The old and modern architecture of the city is surrounded by the abundance of greenery.

If you want to have a walk along with nature, the great places are the Botanical Garden with their beautiful flowers and Alpine gardens, green house and the biggest cactus house in Poland, and the Zoological Garden, founded in 1865 and accommodating about 5.500 animals representing 650 species.

Other sites are: Hala Ludowa a World Heritage Site, St. Elisabeth’s Church, Wroclaw Palace.

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