Wuhan, abbreviated to Han, the capital of Hubei Province, is the largest city in Central China, with a population of 7.3 million and an area of 8,467 square kilometers. She is the the center of economy, culture and politics in Central China and is one of the most important cities in China.

Located on two rivers of the Yangtze (Changjiang), the second longest river in the world, and Hanshui, the greatest branch of the former, Wuhan is divided into 3 parts, i.e., Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang. These three converge at the Wuhan Yangtze (Changjiang) Bridge, the first bridge across Yangtze River. Other bridges; the No.2 Yangtze Bridge, completed in 1995, and two other bridges across Hanshui River link Wuhan so that it has the nick-name, City on Rivers.

Wuhan is a major junction of traffic and communication in Inner China. Historically, Wuhan is referred to as Thoroughfare to Nine Provinces because of her great convenience in transport. And now, two airports, two international harbors, several national railways and highways allow Wuhan a greater capacity of transportation.

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