Xinjiang Province

As the largest provincial region in China, Xijiang covers a great area of 1,600,000 sq kilometers, with 20 millions people living here. It is a home to Uyghurs(about 10 million) plus some other Turk minorities such as Kazak, Kirgiz etc. with Han Chinese moving relocated just recently(after 1949).

Standing on the ancient Silk Road, Xinjiang is famous for being dominated by desert, mountains, stunning lakes, green grasslands, and its ethnic religion and colorful customs. Although remote and desolate, it is still a wonderful place retaining an air of mystery, energy and enthusiasm.

To follow the whole Silk Road is a unique experience. Kashgar close to the Khunjerab pass is one of the main tourist attractions of the West of China. The Sunday market is a great event and should not be missed. Urumqi and Turpan are other old cities on the Silk Road that are worth a visit.

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