Xishuangbanna, is one of the most fascinating areas in China, home to the Dai people as well as several other minorities. It’s full of beautiful countryside, remarkable wildlife and interesting villages as well as the Menghai, Mengzhe and Menghan Buddhist temples. Located in the southern part of Yunnan, over 500km from Kunming, covering an area of 25,000sq kilometers. It is bounded on the south by Laos and Burma, with River Lancang running through the whole region.

Jinghong, which is Xishuangbana’s capital, the name means in the Dai language is a city at dawn. It is now open to foreign tourists as an excursion center. The whole region has a temperate and moist climate, fit for the growth of all kinds of vegetation. This wooded country of exotic trees and flowers is the haunt of rare birds and animals-a paradise in which all living beings thrive and flourish.

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