The Republic of Yakutia (Sakha) occupies almost all the north-eastern part of Asia.

Its area makes the one sixth part of the territory of Russia. The climate here is expressly continental, with short warm summer and long frosty winter. The settlement Oimyakon in the east of Yakutia is the Cold pole of the Northern Hemisphere. This is the place where the lowest temperature of the populated part of the planet -72 C below zero was reported.


Yakutia is the land of a dense jungle of taiga, vast expanses of tundra, severe mountains and original culture. Since the olden days Yakuts have lived according to shamanism traditions. Yakut shaman practice is very popular both with the scientists and mysticism-lovers. Shaman traditions are mirrored in Yakuts everyday life – in their clothes, utensils, ornaments, in their calendar and holidays.

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