Yaounde and Around

Yaounde : City of seven hills , cut by valleys and found almost at the center of Cameroon . Yaounde was inhabited in the prehistoric times .Tools and shaped stones dating 600 thousand years were found there . In 1889 , the German built a military post on that site . In 1909 , Yaounde became the capital of the country under German colonization . The seat of instructions. Yaounde was originally inhabited by the Beti , more specifically by the Ewondos , the automatons of the place . Today , it has a cosmopolitan population . Yaounde is the seat of institutions .

Touristic sites : Yaounde and environs

Cathedral, National Museum ( former presidential palace ) constructed by a French architect : BEZE , it served as French governor s residence during colonization . The Djoungolo temple , entirely constructed with stones in 1937 by an American , William Caldell Johnston . The Museum of the Benedictine monks of Mont Febe . The Mvog betsi zoo about a km from melen market , with a surface area of 485 ha .It is an excellent touristic site with species ranging from amphibians , rodents to a wide variety of birds , eg : the mustached guenon , Putty- nosed monkey, they are assisted by CWAF . The Central market , Mvogbi , Madagascar and Mokolo . The reunification monument , the Palace and statue of Charles Atangana , The municipal lake of Yaounde , The Holy Mary Sanctuary of Mvolye Yaounde is also the town of mountains has the special view of eco tourism !

Mbalmayo : At first it was called Vimli from the name of a large rock . Mbalmayo comes from Mballa Meyo , the name of a great elder in the region . Founded by the Germans , Mbalmayo is a town in the Forest which stretches along both banks of the river Nyong . The climate of the region is that of the Guinean Equatorial forest , humid and hot . Mbalmayo is an important centre of the exploitation and commercialization of Timber.

Ngomedzap : The Abouma grotto , situated at the peak of mountain , a real shelter , could contain over a hundred persons .

Onana – Ombessa : It is situated at the edge of river Nyong on the Yaounde – Kribi highway , 35 kms from Mbalmayo , it is the former colonial post of the John Holt building .

Akonolinga : The site of Sombo , large fock overlooking the Nyong with a panoramic view on the village . The inhabitants of the nearby villages used to hide behind these rocks during tribal wars .

Nkolveng : Mount Mbal , situated 23 kms from Endom, is a pilgrimage site for the religious . A statue of the virgin Mother has been erected there .

Ayos : The hospital and house of Dr Jamot : ITs the place where Dr Jamot settled in 1922 to fight against Sleeping sickness.

Mfou : The Mfou reserve , with its rich and varying fauna and flora , taken care of by WWF and GTZ . Different churches in the catholic mission with its site favourable for pilgrimage and different prayer sessions . The Ekombitie view , 26 kms from Mfou .

The Nda Ngakoubou rock : An impressive natural shelter which according to legends was used to be the home of our ancestors . From its summit , we can have a panoramic view of Mfou . In the Nkolnguet village you will discover the sacred place of Mvelle . You will also find the knee print of a brave warrior , a fountain and the game of SONGHO having fourteen holes .

Akono : The grottos of AKOK BEKOE today raised to a large church , good for pilgrimage . Situated 13 kms from Mbalmayo . The cathedral of AKONO : which was very important during the second world war .

The grotto of okkombe , a place of meditation for missionares .

Monatele : The Efok catholic mission , 6 kms from Obala ; first catholic church in the region . The Nachtigal falls , 95 kms high approximately , 30 kms from Obala The Mbangminkoo Mountain , is 12 kms from Obala , it towers at 2000 ms altitude permitting global view of the town from Obala . The Mbilan falls in the region of Sombo . Lodging and feeding : Luna Park hotel

Eseka : The traditional hut of the former paramount chief Matip Ma Ndombol of the Ndognjee Canton situated at the entrance to Eseka . It was built in 1917. The waterfalls of LIPO NJOCK , near Makak .

Bafia : The Grottos of Nekono having 3 compartiments . The Ndokkon falls , a height of 250 ms , situated at 15kms from Ndikinimeki . The bridge across the river Nyong .

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