Yaremche of west Ukraine .In interwar period (1918-1939) it belonged to Poland and was the most popular tourist center in eastern part of the Carpathian Mountains (in late 1920s more than 6 000 guests came there yearly). Yaremche was growing year by year in importance and number of tourists.


t lies next to the Carpathian Mountains, at the entrance of the Carpathian National Park, so Yaremche serves as a Carpathian tourist base for the region. The Prut river flows through the area and falls through a scenic gorge that is visited by many tourists. Locals sell a variety of crafts, souvenirs and artwork in an open air market by the falls. There are trails that lead out of Yaremche for those wanting to explore the cliffs, valleys, and peaks nearby. One path takes you to the Dovbush Rocks.

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