You need a Somaliland visa for Somaliland

You need a Somaliland visa for Somaliland. A Somalia visa is not accepted. You can get a Somaliland visa in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).. In Addis, you have to find the Somaliland liaison office. Phone is 63-59-21. Find the Awraris Hotel, which is across the street from the St. Gabriel Hospital. Follow the dirt road that runs down the side of the Awraris Hotel for 200 meters, turn right and continue another 200 meters. The office looks like a large house and sits on a corner on the left side of the road. There is no flag or other distinguishing marking indicating the office. Look for doormen. The visa is 250 Ethiopian Birr (US$30) and is issued on the spot. It’s good for 1 month. As Somaliland is not recognized by any other nation, no foreign consulates or embassies exist.

The land border between Djibouti and Somaliland has been closed for sometime now. The border between Jijiga (Ethiopia) and Hargeisa seems to be opened and closed sporadically. Recently it has been closed due to a customs dispute. Check before you try this. The easiest way to get to Somaliland is by air. There are flights 3 times a week to and from Djibouti. You can’t get a Somaliland visa in Djibouti and you can’t get a Djibouti visa in Somaliland. So you’ll have to arrange that before you get there. You can get a Somaliland visa in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and there are flights to Hargeisa via Dire Dawa (Ethiopia) 4 times a week. Any travel east into Puntland or Bosaso will require a Somalia visa.

The overland border crossing from Somaliland to Ethiopia is easy: at the border post on the Nabadeed – Jijiga road the soldiers (bored out of skull and excited to see a strange passport) just check that you have an Ethiopian looking visa. Once in Jijiga, for a few extra birr the bus driver will take you to the immigration office, where the stamp is a breeze.