Yuma is located in the Southwest of Arizona, close to the border with California in the West and Mexico in the South.

The region was first discovered by a European in 1545, when Hernando de Alarcon visited the site of what is now the current City of Yuma and saw that the natural crossing of the Colorado River was an ideal spot for a city.

From the 1850’s through the 1870’s, steamboats on the Colorado River transported goods to various mines, military outposts in the area, and served the port of Yuma. For many years, Yuma served as the gateway to the new western territory of California, which brought thousands from around the world in search of gold, or those who had it. In 1870, the Southern Pacific Railroad bridged the river. Yuma became selected as the county seat in 1864.

Some of the major attractions in Yuma County are the historical Territorial Prison, and the Yuma Crossing Historic Park . Other great places to visit are the Kofa Mountain Range and Wildlife Refuge, and Martinez and Mittry Lakes.

Hunting is a popular sport, as the county offers a variety of different types of game. Major rivers in Yuma County are the Gila and the Colorado, the two most historic rivers in the Southwest.

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