Yun-lin is one of the prime centers of tourist attractions in Taiwan. The Yun-lin County is located in the south of Taiwan and has developed considerably in the recent years making it a popular tourist spot.


There are various tourist attractions in Yun-Lin among which some of the most prominent are the Beigang Chautyan Temple, Mamingshan Jenan Temple and the Jyanfushan Fancyworld . These places have always attracted tourists coming across the Republic of China. The people of the region are very devoted worshipers and their temples are very colorful with traditional customs highlighting the customs and rules of the indigenous people. The Beigang Chautyan Temple was built in the 3rd year of Kangsyi in Ching dynasty. It has ranked as class 2 for its remains of ancient culture. The temple looks very ornamental and glorious splendidly arrayed with carvings found everywhere which are very attractive. From all over Taiwan people come to this temple starting with the first to third lunar calendar month. The other attractions which will surely entertain you are the lantern festival with drums and firecrackers.

You can also try the Jyanfushan Fancyworld in Yun-Lin which is the largest amusement park in south central Taiwan. It has the Heywan memorial garden attached to it along with theaters and technical shows, cultural song and dance shows. The amusement park is suitable for visiting by all age groups and is hence especially a crowd drawer among tourists who can come with their families. From here you also have a view of the field scenery of Jyanan Plain. These will heighten the your amusement in your Yun-lin Travel.

Mamingshan Jenan Temple is another spot which you must visit as a tourist in your Yun-lin Tours, which also has a large ceremony for worshiping its primary icons which are twelve in number. Accompanied by heavy worship it also has sacrificial ceremonies to the gods after a period of five years. The temple is divided into three courtyard palaces which are simply splendid in decoration. As in all the temples of Taiwan there are carved structures which look delicate because of their complicated architecture. There is a memorial park attached to a pavilion, towards the front of the temple. The tourist should not miss out on climbing the Malung hill among other Tourist attractions in Yun-lin from where you can take an exquisite view of the Taiwan countryside.