Zalakaros spa water with a temperature of 96 degrees centigrade, rich in minerals, was found when they were looking for mineral oil in 1962. The water from a depth of 2,307.5 metres is beneficial for the following health problems: chronic gynaecological diseases, the deterioration of the articular cartilage, disc degeneration, lesions of the spinal joints due to cartilage wear, chronic discitis.

It is also suitable for the after-care of orthopaedic patients, people recovering from accidents, and following neurosurgery, and those with locomotor disorders and paradental conditions. The construction of the spa began in l964.


Today visitors can go to the health centre, open air and indoor swimming pools, can take the waters, can get hydrotherapy treatment, like hydromassage, sauna, medicinal weight bath, and effervescent bath. They are also offered special treatment, massage, and electrotherapy, as well as examination by specialists. In 1997, they started the construction of a pleasure pool.

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