Zhengzhou is the capital city of Henan Province and an important railway hub on the Beijing-Guangzhou and Xian-Shanghai rail lines. With its lush foliage, Zhengzhou is China ‘s model for the planting of trees in urban areas, earning it the title of the green city. It is home to the national grain wholesale market, a new high-tech science park, and is one of the most important textile centers in all of China . Along with its modern economic position, Zhengzhou played a key role in China s early civilization as the site of an early Shang dynasty walled city some 3,500 years ago. Zhengzhous status as a transport and economic center has roots as far back as the Sui and Tang periods (late 6th to early 10th century), when canals connected Zhengzhous grain markets to the Yellow River. Here and at nearby Anyang Chinas early bronze industry developed for military and ritual use, and remains of the ancient Shang city foundations and wall are still visible on the outskirts of town. In November of 2004, Zhengzhou was named as China s eighth ancient city, recognizing its Shang dynasty as a civilization junior to only ancient Egypt , India and Babylon .