Zia Memorial Museum

The Chittagong Circuit House built in 1913 atop a hillock was transformed into Zia Memorial Museum in memory of late President Ziaur Rahman who was martyred here by a few misled army personnel at dead of night on 30th May 1980.

The place has developed into a full-fledged museum by September 1993 with a well-equipped conference room, a library and as many as 12 galleries. A total of 743 exhibits that include 336 souvenirs and 13 documents are laid out across the galleries. The radio transmitter, the microphone, the chair and the table which were used by Shahid President Ziaur Rahman when reading the Declaration of Independence in 1971 are displayed in galleries 1 and 2. His personal effects and belongings are exhibited in galleries 3, 4 and 5. In galleries 4 & 7 are put up portraits of the martyred President and the gift items that were presented to him by different Heads of states and diplomats. Gallery 12 contains a reconstruction of the event of this martyrdom.