Ziemia Chojnicka Chojnice Region

Ziemia Chojnicka – Chojnice Region is the most beautiful, unknown, expanding place in Poland. It is not so popular, because only few people know about it. Chojnice Region (Ziemia Chojnicka) is located in the south part of East Pomerania Province (Wojewodztwo Pomorskie), with a very popular capital named Gdansk. Chojnice Region devides in two main parts : the town Chojnice, which is the capital of this small region and land, filled up by forests and lakes all around.


There are lakes with huge free spaces, narrow beautiful rivers. Main attraction are:lakes and forests – Lake (Jezioro Charzykowskie), is situated only 7 km(4,5 miles) in the north from Chojnice. Charzykowy is popular becouse of that polish Lake’s Sailing was first born here.