Zimbabwe is a beautiful, temperate land of raw African wilderness and ancient mystery

Named after the ruined civilization of centuries ago, Zimbabwe evokes images of huge, game-rich plateaus such as the majestic Hwange National Park, the massive Lake Kariba and the incredible Victoria Falls.

It also evokes images of social and political chaos, which lead most potential visitors to think a Zimbabwe safari is unsafe. The reality is quite different – although Zimbabwe’s cities are unstable, the country’s national parks are perfectly safe to visit, as they are located far away from the sites of the instability.

Due to Zimbabwe’s negative news coverage, game lodges are desperate for occupants and prices are extremely competitive. Whether staying in standard or luxury Zimbabwe accommodation, the low lodge occupancy means you’ll have thousands of hectares of pristine game country virtually all to yourself.

Although a Zimbabwe Safari is a bargain, it’s definitely not a second-rate destination. Lodges are luxurious, and their location affords excellent game viewing amidst some of the most breathtaking scenery in Africa.