Zimbabwe set for collapse

A briefing report for aid workers has warned that Zimbabwe will collapse within six months.

The memorandum, for UN workers and other aid agencies, said that a state of emergency could be implemented.

With inflation already at 3,714 per cent – the highest in the world – the country’s economy will soon disintegrate.

Unemployment is currently at 80 per cent and the spiraling rates have forced shops to double their prices every month.

According to the Associated Press, if this continues, doubling the current inflation for each of the seven remaining months of 2007 gives 512,000 per cent, thus the economic collapse is expected before the end of 2007.

Life expectancy sits at just 37 for men and 34 for women in Zimbabwe, while electricity is limited to only four hours usage per day.

Some four million Zimbabweans are expected to need food aid in 2007, with one aid worker confirming the severity of the situation to the Times:

The memorandum is talking about a situation where there is no functioning government or a total breakdown.

President Robert Mugabe blames the crisis on a western plot to usurp him.