Zoological Park Chhatbir

The Zoological Park, Chhatbir spreads across a rambling expanse and shelters as many as 52 varieties of animals and 62 varieties of birds. The zoo authorities take several measures to ensure that the animal enclosures closely resemble their natural habitats.

Also known as the Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park, Chhatbir, the distinguished zoological garden is strategically located at a distance of 20 k from Chandigarh and 55 km from Patiala. The rambling zoo sprawls across an expanse of 202 acres against a stunning green backdrop.

It is indeed a marvel to see how acres of raw scrubland have been transformed into a wonderful home for wild animals. The zoo paints a magnificent picture of the underlying ecological harmony that enhances the charm of the beautiful surroundings.

Mahendra Chaudhary zoo’s claim to fame rests in being the proud proprietor of the country’s largest zoo. The scintillating tiger safer near Ludhiana and the Deer Park at Neelon on Ludhiana- Chandigarh road are also popular haunts of tourists and local families.

Your trip to Punjab is not complete if you are not visited this Zoological Park.