Zuoying Lotus Lake, Kaohsiung in Taiwan

Zuoying’s Lotus Lake, Kaohsiung is one of the most popular Kaohsiung Tourist Destinations. This beautiful lake is located at the eastern end of Tsoying District in Kaohsiung City. Kaohsiung, a picturesque city in southern Taiwan, harbors several tourist attractions but the lake is certainly one of the most beautiful scenic areas in the region. It was opened for public in 1951. Since then Zuoying’s Lotus Lake, Kaohsiung is famous for its lotus plants in the water and the temples, which circle the lake.
Kaohsiung Zuoying’s Lotus Lake is an ideal day trip from the city. This man made lake lies between ‘Kueishan’ or Turtle Mountain and ‘Panpingshan’ or Half-screen Mountain. It is also easily accessible from Zuoying’s THSR (Taiwan High Speed Rail) station. So you can visit the lake on the very first day of your Sightseeing in Kaohsiung. The lake’s pristine beauty and calm water beckon travelers to come and connect to nature. The tranquil atmosphere and serenity of the place restore peace of mind and leave you with deep contentment.
Although the Lotus Lake is itself an attraction but there are other places to see. The lake harbors some gorgeous pavilions pagodas around it, which are among popular Tourists Attractions in Kaohsiung. The magnificent Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, Spring and Autumn Pavilions, and Confucius Temple dot the site. The historic gates and remains of the walls of the Old Fengshan City are also visible from the shore of the lake. Moreover, mountains surrounding Zuoying’s Lotus Lake in Kaohsiung can be ideal destinations for trekking. There is a mountain Chai-Shan or Mount Monkey, which is a natural habitat of Rhesus Monkeys. The forests on the mountain are full of exotic tropical plants.
Start off with the Dragon-Tiger Pavilion near Zuoying’s Lotus Lake, Kaohsiung. The newly renovated pavilion is adorned with woodcarvings and artifacts. Visit Spring Autumn Pavilion and the Wuli Pavilion on the pier. The Spring Autumn Pavilion houses two towers surrounding a statue of Guanyin on top of a dragon. There is a pool where the dragon sits with many turtles in the water. Know your future from the Chinese fortuneteller at the pavilion.
Your next stop around the lake can be Beiji Xuantian Shang Di Pavilion, which houses a big painted statue of the Emperor of the Dark Heaven. The emperor was known his good deeds and was worshipped by the local people.
Finally visit the famous Confucius Temple at Zuoying’s Lotus Lake, Kaohsiung. This temple is definitely the most impressive part of the tour of Lotus Lake. The Confucius Temple of Lotus Lake is one of the largest Confucius Temples in Taiwan. The place is note only a religious site it has architectural beauty as well. On Sundays local people get together at the temple ground to dance with each other.


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